Camera Monitoring: Your Oil and Gas Site Virtual Security

There are many site locations and production facilities that require security from a state-of-the-art and sophisticated surveillance system. Oil and gas sites are no exception.

These worksites are among some of the ones requiring constant and superior video surveillance. However, oil and gas refineries are usually in remote locations. Thus, initiating oil and gas camera monitoring efforts can be challenging.

These worksites are among some of the ones requiring constant and superior video surveillance. However, oil and gas refineries are usually in remote locations. Thus, initiating oil and gas camera monitoring efforts can be challenging.

Storage tanks for crude oil

Many work sites are adopting oil and gas camera monitoring solutions for their security efforts. It’s essential for your facility to have constant 24/7 protection.

Video surveillance solutions are crafted to capture and record any activity on the site.

However, to proactively safeguard your assets, your security staff should constantly monitor these video and camera feeds as well, all the time.

Many refineries employ on-site security teams that keep an eye on these camera feeds.

However, not all businesses can afford additional security personnel; and not many hire security staff that can stay on site outside of “normal” working shifts.

Outside regular working hours is when sites are often most defenseless. So how can you protect your site without acquiring the massive costs of 24-hour security on site?

Hazardous Environments and Long Travel Times

Among some of the significant challenges of oil and gas remote work sites are hazardous environments and lengthy travel times to get to them. Still, security teams and site managers need to surpass these obstacles to ensure proper operations and production.

A Virtual Security

One of the main priorities of site managers and security crews is to frequently visit work sites. However, many of these sites are remote. They can still utilize oil and gas monitoring equipment. But still, since these locations are remote, access to a stable internet connection and reliable power may be sporadic.

Oil and gas refineries surveillance

How can these oil and gas sites take advantage of sophisticated and revolutionary video surveillance solutions?

All-Hour Protection, Lesser Costs

The main benefit of oil and gas camera monitoring is twofold:

The latest technology behind security surveillance makes it viable, easily accessible and offers all-day protection.

The costs of remote monitoring are way more economical than an on-site security crew cost.

Apart from these two main benefits, more and more oil and gas companies are realizing that they don’t have a need for substantial investments to security infrastructures.

Reputable providers of oil and gas camera monitoring technology can expertly integrate their services into your existing site or infrastructure.

By employing security monitoring services remotely, your security team can monitor your site from your existing secure center.

Maximize Production

At any work sites, downtimes equate to lost funds and revenues. With remote security monitoring, you can know in real time which area in your location is experiencing any issues. You can then act accordingly to remedy the problem at the site. In turn, you can increase your production while still taking steps for remediation.

Spill Prevention

Spills can be disastrous. On top of that, they are expensive. With an oil and gas camera monitoring service, you can be notified – whether it’s through text, call, email, or combinations of those – of any spillage.

Improved Safety

Of course, any employer should prioritize the safety of their personnel. Since oil and gas firms often operate in hazardous environments, safety efforts should be heightened. With remote monitoring, you can achieve improved safety in your work site.

There’s No Need to Compromise Safety and Security Just Because Oil and Gas Work Sites Are Remotely Located

Today, everything and everyone is connected. However, there are still some areas that are inaccessible and isolated from standard inter-connectivity. A lot of the times, oil and gas work sites fall under this category.

And yet, these places require the most powerful surveillance and security. Thus, it’s extremely important for oil and gas firms to invest in security and monitoring efforts. Fortunately, technological advances in this area are easily reachable. While security is an inescapable and inevitable business expense, it doesn’t mean you choose being priced out of your means just to afford prime protection.

No longer will security and safety need to be sacrificed due to the site’s location. Oil and gas camera monitoring innovations provide you with the consistent protection that your work site requires – without the expensive costs that come with on-site security crews.